Lara Kaur believes photography captures the rawness of individuals in a holistic way. Lara focuses her work on centering the voices and narratives that are often silenced, as she holds that photography offers a universal form of connection and resistance, and embodies the power to break down barriers, both individual and across systems.

Lara also firmly believes in equitable education and access to opportunities for young folks of color. Through her ongoing work with youth, she's centered photography and creative expression to support youth in exploring identity, resiliency, self-advocacy, and self-compassion.

Photography has, and continues to be, a space of healing for Lara. Starting in high school, she was captivated by the art of photography in the dark room, where she began to understand the gift an image can offer an individual. Witnessing raw emotion appear in the printing process highlighted the vulnerability of photography. In the following years, Lara continued to develop her art form with both digital and film photography.

Due to varying obstacles, Lara was unable to practice her creativity for an extended period of time. But over the past few years has re-centered and recognized the way in which photography offers a space of reasoning, expression, and self-empowerment.

As a womxn of color raised in a family that was separated across continents, photographs have always been a form of emotional connection and experience when the presence of loved ones was absent. Lara holds this power of photography close to her work, as her images create a similar sense of connection amongst individuals across communities.




Bay Area, CA