undefine. is devoted to courage, resistance, solidarity, self, community, healing, deconstruction, reconstruction and to centering the voices of womxn of color.

As womxn of color we are constantly defined and redefined by societal expectations, perceptions and standards. Written in all lower case, undefine. sheds light on our ongoing process of un-defining and redefining our individual and intersectional identities as womxn of color. We have the right to constantly deconstruct how society wrongfully defines, manipulates, and labels our identities. The period after undefine. symbolizes that womxn of color are perfectly whole in every moment and are forever enough no matter where we are in our process of redefining, un-defining, and defying colonized standards of beauty and existence.

Through portrait photography, undefine. creates a space for each womxn involved to portray and present their individual narratives, strengths, hxstories and identities. Each image depicts the vast resilience and strength present in each womxn’s story.